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The Palette Parser is a palette format parsing program. Designed to import a variety of filetypes (Adobe’s .ase and The GIMP’s .gpl currently supported) for viewing and exporting (.gpl currently supported).

The program can be used to read Adobe’s .ase palette files, like the ones found on the Kuler website, and exported into a palette format that can be used by other programs.


Kuler is such a wonderful and beautiful website. For those that do not know, it offers a kaleidoscope playground to run around and go mental in. You splash on a few colours, tweak a few dials, and instantly have a (usually) gorgeous palette of colours at your disposal.

Once a palette has been created, you can then export it as an .ase file to use in your own amazing projects. An .ase file? What is this? A non-standard adobe-only format, sadly. I do not own Photoshop, as I am a happy free GIMP user. I would still like to import Kuler’s palettes so I created this program. This program takes an .ase (or .gpl) file and parses out the useful information. The colours are also displayed with their colour codes for convenience, and export options to the GIMP are supported.

Incidently, the palette used by the orginal WebBiscuit website was the bizarrely perfect palette named “Biscuit Fetish”, which I found searching on the keyword ‘biscuit’ (not ‘fetish’).


  • Import and view Adobe (.ase) and the Gimp (.gpl) palette files!
  • Export palettes (.gpl format only at the moment)
  • Imports RGB and CMYK Adobe files

System Requirements

  • .NET 3.5 framework


Please make sure you have read and agreed to the disclaimer before downloading anything from this website.

Download PaletteParser


A caterpillar palette is parsed
Parsing The Caterpillar Palette


Download and unzip the program file. Please keep all files together. Double click on the executable to run.

Further instructions are included within the program, but it is quite simple to use.

Future Developments

  • GUI to be rewritten using WPF technology
  • Support for more palettes
  • Your Suggestions

Technical Details

A C++, C++/CLI and C# program.


Please feel free to send an email with your feedback, good or bad.


Icons by Axialis Team

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