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All our biscuits are in a new tin

The domain names are now linked over to the new site. This may have broken old links to the site, so if you find your way here with a “page not found” error, let me know and I’ll redirect the old page to the new. I’ve already redirected a couple of pages.

Here’s how to do it:
1) Open your .htaccess file in the root of your site (it may be hidden if you’re using an ftp client)
2) A file not found error is also known as a 301 error. Add a line to this file, in the following format:
Redirect 301
For example, I my old software page lived at, so I added the following line:

Redirect 301 /Software.aspx

So if you do find any lost biscuits out there on the web, let me know and I’ll redirect them to our nice warm lovely home.

On the move

I’ve pulled over a few articles, the popular Palette Parser and edited some of the fluff pages that have been hanging round. We’re almost there, in our new home.

Initial impressions:
I like it quite a lot. Adding/shifting/hiding content is super easy. I love the code highlighter. I’ve been using Syntax Highlighter Evolved for the lovely highlighting over on the article pages.
I’ve also found a really nice theme that reminds me of biscuits. It’s Blend 1.5 by James R Whitehead of I need to tweak it slightly – you will be delighted to know I have already bought a packet of photogenic biscuits – but so far it’s all working well.

Next stop, transferring domains. and, here you come.

A New Biscuit Tin

With a tear in his eye and a pocket full of biscuits, WebBiscuit has decided to finally leave home and stride out for pastures new.   Moving onto WordPress, Biscuitechnology has unfortunately been placed on the shelf to go stale.

While designing my own blogging/CMS system was fun, moving onto an established and popular technology means I can now concentrate on writing software.  Server and website maintenance is a fun but time-chomping process.  With the valuable time saved I’ll now be able to write more code, blog and eat more biscuits.  Everyone wins.

Over the next few days, I shall be migrating/retiring content from the oringinal site.

Things I need to do

  1. Find a suitable colour theme
  2. Find a good wordpress editor
  3. Become quite wordy
  4. Port over old content
  5. Redirect domains

Oh!  And here is a first for the site: you can now leave comments.  Any advice for the first points?