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The Sleep Experiment

When WebBiscuit was a mere crumb of a boy, he used to have dreams of being a Rock Star. He once wrote a song with the lyrics:

“They say you can sleep when you’re dead,
I think I’ll sleep when I’m alive instead.”

Luckily, for the sake of humanity, in choosing a career WebBiscuit went for the cool option and became a computer programmer instead.

What this story shows is that, as well as being a bit strange, I’ve always been fond of a bit of bed and this hasn’t changed throughout my 20′s. I like to go to bed late and sleep in, hitting the snooze and snuggling into the covers as the alarm goes off. But snoozing is bad sleep. I wanted to break this pattern and liberate more time to do exciting projects, such as blog and write WebBiscuit programs. So I sheepishly Googled “how to get up in the morning”, and to my surprise I found a number of interesting articles. Here is one of particular note by Steve Pavlina – How to get up Right Away when the Alarm Goes Off. Steve is an excellent writer and the scenario he describes is as if he is there in the mornings. Now, I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened, but with my interest piqued I seeked out the cure. He sets his alarm for between 4 and 5am. Yoinks. And then gets out of bed immediately. Double Yoinks! Still, I thought I’d give it a try.

With 4am feeling a little too ambitious, this morning my alarm went off at 5:30 am. I leapt out of bed immediately. (To be fair I had trouble sleeping, I was a little too excited about my Sleep Experiment, and I kept waking up thinking it was morning and I should be leaping out of bed). The leaping wasn’t a problem. I was up and out of bed. But a hazy foggy mind was something I struggled with. A bit of coffee later and a Wheatabix or two (sprinkled with Muesli) and I was coding by 6am. I managed to get in a good hour, before I got ready for work, made lunch, prepared dinner and wrote the first half of this blog. My other self in the parallel universe continued to snore and snooze while all this was going on.

Later on things started getting more interesting. I got into work nice and early, and my early colleagues were more than surprised to see me. Had I wet the bed? they enquired. I had not. Meanwhile, one complained I had disrupted his Feng Shui by breaking the Status Quo. By 11am I was ready to go home. By noon I was ready for bed. At 3pm I was absolutely starving and was forced to go on an adventure to find chocolate. Amazing how being awake for those extra hours can burn off so much energy. And now I am home, earlier than usual. It has been a long and productive day. And there is still so much of it left! I am enjoying my Sleep Experiment and I hope to leap out of bed with the same vigour and excitement tomorrow morning, at 5:30am.